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Algor Srl performs non-standard works on special XPS PIR insulating panels, made of extruded polystirene foam and expanded polyurethane foam.

Algor Srl has been operating successfully for 20 years as a producer of special XPS PIR insulating panels, (Extruded PolystireneExpanded Polyurethane), for industrial applications.
The company is structured to solve any particular need of users of XPS and PIR panels.

The peculiarities of the company were initially refined for production on behalf of third parties, without entering the market with direct sales. Algor Srl, in fact, is directly connected to Decem Srl, the largest Italian producer of Extruded Polystyrene sheets for industrial use.

Both companies are part of the SBN Srl group.

Algor Srl, in particular, realizes all the off-line machining operations: reduced tolerances (+ -0.2 mm), surface machining, customized cuts and milling are the specialty. Its production process is highly flexible, allowing it to process even small quantities of material and thus satisfy even the smallest customer requests.

Furthermore, the company has been creating a direct sales network for about two years, which is proving to be very satisfying for the needs of its customers. Through direct sales, it is also possible to get even closer to the needs of the customer, to find a common benefit from the development of new products.

Today Algor Srl is synonymous with certainty and quality  for the most demanding customers.

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Algor Srl is the most recent among the companies that are part of Sbn Srl, but already boasts decades of experience and offers a wide and refined range of solutions to problems of thermal insulation.

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The Algor Srl production process has been designed and engineered to meet even the smallest needs of the customer, allowing working even on small quantities of insulating material.

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Algor Srl uses the most advanced technology in processing two of the most widespread, versatile and effective products for thermal insulation: extruded polystyrene (XPS) and polyurethane foam (PIR).

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About Us

Algor Srl is part of the SBN Srl group.

What about us?

The same group also includes:
Ediltec Srl, Decem Srl, Pannelli Termici Srl.

Below: the group’s production plant.

Together with Algor Srl, the 4 companies are one of the largest polystyrene foam (XPS) production poles in Italy!

An Italian industrial history
which has lasted for 70 years.

The history that led us in 2017 to the formation of the SBN Srl group, active in the field of thermal insulation and the food industry, began in the first post-war period and has not experienced any stop in growth.

The industrial spirit, which distinguishes us Italians, has led the fourth generation of our family to be involved in the development abroad of the project for the construction of new production facilities.

We are not a multinational company and we work with all our resources for our and our clients’ future, every day we take personally the risk of our business activity.

We remain successful in increasingly competitive markets and look to the future with new ideas and ever more ambitious challenges.


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Strada dell'Alpo 27 Verona (VR) 37136

Contrada Stampalone Teramo Cellino Attanasio (TE) 64036

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Where we are

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Algor Srl has its production site in the Industrial Zone of Cellino Attanasio, (TE), at Contrada Stampalone, 64036

Algor Srl has its administrative headquarters in Verona, Strada dell’Alpo 27, (VR), 37136