X-Foam Easy Tegola

X-FOAM ® EASY TEGOLA is a plate for thermal insulation under cover of the covers, made of extruded polystyrene in indigo color, with extruded leather and with the 4 beaten edges. The plates have two longitudinal grooves on the extrados surface for microventilation and transverse grooves arranged for the interlocking of the tooth of the tile.

The plates declare compressive strength values ≥ 300 kPa; they have a width of 630 mm and thicknesses from 40 to 120 mm. The slabs are classified to the EUROCLASSE E fire according to the European standard EN 13501-1. The length of the panel is variable according to the tile pitch. Up to the 350 mm (inclusive) step you must multiply the tile pitch seven times, from the 352 mm step onwards you must multiply six times. The depth of the grooves is 15 mm.

The product is also sold by Ediltec Srl.


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