Poliiso Tegola Doppio Passo

POLIISO ® TEGOLA DOPPIO PASSO is a structural and load-bearing panel for under-tile thermal insulation made up of a rigid closed-cell yellow Poliiso foam (polyurethane foam) expanded between two 50 μm embossed aluminum supports.

The panels, knocked on 4 sides, declare values of λD equal to 0,022 W/mK according to the European standard EN 13165 and values of resistance to compression ≥ 150 kPa. They have a length equal to 1190 mm, width equal to twice the tile pitch and thicknesses available from 60 to 140 mm. The panels are classified with the EUROCLASSE E fire according to the normativa europea EN 13501-1; they are made load-bearing thanks to the insertion, in length, of a metal profile portategole, equipped with holes suitable to favor micro-ventilation under the covering mantle.

The product is sold by Ediltec Srl.


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