Foams for Refrigerated Trucks

The mechanical characteristics of Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) are essential in severe situations such as those found in refrigerated trucks.

At the same thickness and density, in fact, a panel in XPS is considerably stiffer than its equivalent in EPS polyurethane and gives greater guarantees of effectiveness and resistance to the user. These features make it perfect for use on refrigerated trucks.

For floors there are no competitors if high density is used, which guarantees up to 700 Kpa of compressive strength. In fact, refrigerated transport must guarantee constant temperature maintenance over long years. The XPS is preferred to other materials as it does not worsen the conductivity over time, not absorbing moisture.

For applications on refrigerated trucks, Algor offers a specific solution, with XPS Corevo insulating materials dedicated to application and with tolerances up to 0.2 mm on the thickness.

An insulating material, to be considered suitable for use on refrigerated trucks, must not only isolate, but must also have other properties. The characteristics of mechanical and thermal resistance are necessary together with lightness, which give it the connotations of uniqueness.

To date, there is no other product that can withstand the stresses that a refrigerated truck is subjected to for millions of kilometers, with the same lightness and durability over time.

In particular, the floors of a refrigerated truck are always subjected to high compression loads, to which only a product with high resistance to long-term compression, such as Corevo Hd, can respond.

The products designed specifically for these needs are:
X-Foam Corevo, X-Foam Corevo H and X-Foam Corevo Hd.