Foams for Motorhome

Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) sheets are particularly suitable for use in the campermotorhome walls.

Algor Srl produces sheets specifically designed for use in the camper – motorhome walls, with maximum dimensions of 1300 mm x 6000 mm. In this way the junctions are limited and the panel stiffness is increased.

Tolerance, dimensional stability, light weight and good thermal insulation are the characteristics that make these products suitable for use in caravans.

The closed cell structure of the insulation ensures its impermeability and the maintenance of the lightness of the panel over time, even in the presence of water or humidity.

For applications on motor homes, Algor offers a specific solution, with XPS Corevo insulating materials dedicated to application and with tolerances up to 0.2 mm in thickness.

An insulating material, to be considered suitable for use on motor homes, must not only isolate, but must also have other properties. The characteristics of mechanical and thermal resistance are necessary together with lightness, which give it the connotations of uniqueness.

Moreover, the insulating materials must also possess a series of tolerances and repeatability on the workings, also having ideal chemical-physical characteristics. These, in fact, allow the user to work on large series, without the problem of systematic deviations on the quality of the finished product.

The products designed specifically for these needs are:
X-Foam Corevo, X-Foam Corevo H and X-Foam Corevo Hd.