Foams for Composite Panels

Composite panels consist of two rigid material faces with a light core inside.

The stiffness of the soul gives the composite panels very special properties. Characteristic of the Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) is to have a light but rigid structure, whose conformation is specifically defined for this application.

For very thin sandwich panels it is preferable to use a core with narrow tolerances, calibrated to tape. If a higher thickness is required, on the other hand, a version with grooves is available, which guarantee that the air comes out during the gluing phase.

The applications in this sector are the most varied: ventilated fa├žade panels, cold stores and food processing, signage, etc. etc.

The Algor products belonging to this category are:
X-Foam Corevo, Corevo H and Corevo Hd, X-Foam White and Black.

The last two, in particular, boast features that make them the best choice for signage.